An Internet-of Things device

that instantly turns

kegs and casks

into SMART containers

Four Key Sensors


We collect real-time container information to enable a more sustainable supply chain and circular economy where less waste (beer, water, gas, carbon footprint) is produced.

Leveraging data science and product data from the containers, we empower breweries with real-time supply chain reports and data-driven insights to help them achieve a next-generation level of LEAN operational efficiency.

Keg and Cask Inventory Management 

Channel and Contract Monitoring

Route Optimisation

Spoilage Control

Retail Waste


KegTracker is ready to provide real-time product and container information, after a quick and frictionless installation process.

We're crowdfunding! Own a part of our business. Capital at Risk


Quick to Install

Long-Lasting Battery

Water Resistant

One Size Fits All

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London, United Kingdom

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